my last post for the imperfect crafter…

Life is an evolution.  As we learn, we grow, and as we grow, we move forward. I have mentioned before that I started this blog when I started the Blog With Pip course with Pip Lincolne.  Although I had been blogging for some time, I wanted to blog with more regularity, more purpose.  I have done exactly that. Originally I thought that I wanted this blog to be a showcase of my epic crafting fails – of which, dear friend, {Read More}

the autism diaries {#1}

The Autism Diaries

I walk up to the car. “You so owe me.” I can see Master J is not irritated.  I smile. “What do you mean I owe you?“ “You owe me two chocolates.” I laugh out loud. “I don’t think so.” “I’ve been waiting an hour, Mum.  An hour.” It’s true.  He has been waiting an hour.  Today I had a meeting with his ‘team’.  They are the teachers, special individual needs coordinator, psychologist and pastoral care coordinator who take care {Read More}

living a more simple life

Have you ever dreamed of living a more simple life? I have.  And I don’t really have a complicated life to start with.  But it is filled with noise.  So many things vying for our attention.  A thousand million hands in the air shouting “over here! over here!”  Like so many others, I get caught up.  Distracted from living life.  My brain is full to the brim.  It often hurts.  Burdened by so much. I need to change.  I need {Read More}

the important significance of blogging

In his program “Comos” Neil de Grasse Tyson said the following (and I am paraphrasing): From the dawn of time, as humans, we have hungered for significance. This really hooked me.  It got me to thinking why I blog, why I put myself “out there” in such a personal, vulnerable way, why I am constantly thinking about what my next blog post should be.  When you strip it all back, when you take away the design, the stats, the blogging {Read More}

the intimacy of hair

Today I had an unusual situation crop up. Three weeks ago, I broke my wrist.  It has been infuriating to cope with.  I’m a stay at home mum and there is always so much to do.  I am lucky, though, that my children are all grown up (sort of) and not toddlers any more. A friend popped over to see how I was getting on.  I said I was coping well enough, despite four trips to the hospital to replace {Read More}

my favourite thing(s)

My favourite things

Over at Meet me at Mikes, the lovely Pip Lincolne threw down the gauntlet of writing about our favourite things. There are many things that are my favourite things – my husband, Mr C, and my two children, now mostly grown up, Master J and Miss J.  And then, of course, there is my beautiful grandchild. He is nearly two now and my oh my, he is the apple of my eye.  All my family are my absolute, unequivocal favourite {Read More}

Death is no laughing matter, or is it?

A couple of weeks ago, Mr C and I decided to take Master J to see Jeff Dunham.  For those of you who might not know who he is, Jeff is a ventriloquist.  A very successful ventriloquist.  Like the most successful show on the Comedy Channel successful.  He, and his merry band of five puppets, are very funny, and Master J loves him.  For your enjoyment, here is one of his YouTube videos. What I love about this art of {Read More}

autism, a video and connection

My son has autism.  It isn’t easy.  For him or for me. He is high functioning.  Sometimes I demand a lot of him, want so much FOR him, that it causes conflict.  Lately, there has been a lot of conflict. We have been sitting in separate rooms, not really speaking and definitely not connecting. We have both felt it, neither one prepared to make a move.  I am the adult.   I have thought to reach out, and do reach {Read More}

the paradox of mother’s day

Yesterday was mother’s day.  We celebrated it in the ‘normal’ way – by having breakfast, cooked by my wonderful husband and son, served to three generations of mothers sitting at the table (my mother-in-law, myself and my daughter).  Whilst it was a lovely day, for me, it was tinged by sadness. The death of my mother nearly four years ago has left a gaping hole in not only my life but my very being.   For four very long years my {Read More}

how to start a revolution


How often, when you are on Facebook, does a friend share something terrible, some horrible injustice in the world, that you, as a friend of said friend, just need to know about? I know that on my feed I can get 10 to 20 items a day that alert me to some cause that needs my attention.  Do you, like me, read it, and, suitably horrified, share it, hoping, believing even, that it might make a difference? It doesn’t.  And {Read More}

snapping my way to mental health


I have to let you into a little secret. I suffer from clinical depression.  Don’t worry, this isn’t a pity party post or anything.  Far from it.  I’m okay and I roll with the depressive punches quite well these days. The reason I mention it is that people who suffer from depression, especially long term depression, find it very difficult to find inspiration in their daily lives with the horrible, but very real consequence of feeling that their lives are {Read More}

sometimes, life is messy

Only through the  cracks does the light

Sometimes life is messy. Sometimes a melancholia sits on your shoulders, weighing you down as if you were carrying an anvil across the desert. Sometimes you just have to bear the weight. Until the light comes. It will come. Never forget that. The light always comes. It might not stay. But it will come. And when it comes Make sure you turn your face up and let those rays warm your eyelids You will need the energy for the next {Read More}

the week that was and the week to come

the week that wasthe week that is to-1

Happy Easter Monday everybody!  How was your Easter weekend?  Did you get to spend it with family and friends?  Did you get lots of chocolate and now feel, like me, a lolloping piece of lard who never wants to snap eyes on another piece of chocolate again (HA HA HA – yeah right!)? It feels like Sunday doesn’t it.  It’s kind of weird to think it is a Monday when a new week is meant to be starting, but really {Read More}

you don’t have to have a niche to be a successful blogger

When I started blogging in 2010, it was more as a diary to let family and friends know about what was going on in my life.  My life has a tendency to read like a soap opera and I found writing my ‘diary’ extremely therapeutic.  Friends and family would tune in to keep up to date with the latest event and I got the creative outlet I desperately needed.  It was win-win. Writing is to me like breathing and blogging {Read More}

when crafting goes wrong!


Have you seen those memes doing the Facebook rounds called Pinterest Fail or Nailed It?  The ones where they compare a picture on Pinterest to the reality of someone actually trying it? Today, after my somewhat emotionally intense week (which you can read about here and here), I decided that I needed to do something creative, to break the intensity so to speak.  You may recall in a post a while back, I mentioned that finally I had decided to {Read More}

yes, today, and forevermore, I have hair!


This morning, I wake up to the fact that I have hair.  Long hair, flowing past my shoulders. It’s been a long journey.  20-odd years in the making.  But today I have hair. Yesterday, I get up early, write yesterday’s post, shower, and take one last glance at my real hair still lying on the floor. I also decide to take a photo of me in my natural state, my made up state and then in my dressed state as {Read More}

today I get hair

There is something very strange about having your husband shave your head. I had let my hair grow for about three weeks when I got the phone call: “Hi Sarah, It’s Ang.  Just letting you know your hair has arrived.  When would you like to come in to get it fitted?” It sounds weird to have the words “your hair has arrived” being delivered to your ears, frankly. Seated in the bathroom, I listen to the scrape, scrape, scrape sound {Read More}

6 songs you might not know exist

6 songs you might not know exist

Today, we were having new carpets installed.  One of the rooms being done was Master J’s lounge.  As anyone with a child on the spectrum knows, this kind of disruption can be catastrophic.  He was no exception.  His anxiety rose and with it his agitation.  We had to lift and up and remove the old carpet yesterday, leaving behind bare concrete.  He refused to let us take his things out of the room until the fitters arrived this morning.  Such {Read More}

5 reasons to get your photos off your hard drive and into a scrapbook

5 reasons to get your photos off your

Back in the day of the 35mm camera, people were more circumspect about the amount of photographs they took.  The film was finite – you could only take 24 or 36 photos per roll – and getting them developed was relatively expensive.  I have very fond memories of my mom letting me take the family camera on my first school camp, aged 12, then taking the long walk to the chemist to have them developed.  After an agonising 2 week {Read More}

autism awareness {acceptance} day


Today is Worrld Autism Awareness Day.  Personally I’d like to see it rebranded as World Autism ACCEPTANCE day.  You see, as the parent of a child with autism, the one thing that we fight each and every day is the lack of acceptance – acceptance of autism as a condition and, perhaps more damaging, acceptance that autism is not a choice. Master J is nearly 16.  He was only diagnosed with autism when he was 12.  Of course, since about {Read More}

time to get organised!


We have been living in our new house for just over 2 years now.  Before we owned it, it was a display home.  This might sound nice because they throw as much as they can into a display home to tempt prospective buyers with those delectable extras, but in reality, a lot was wrong with the house.  It looks pretty, but the inside needed some serious work. First off, the hydronic heating and solar electricity was WAY too small for {Read More}

neighbours – the cornerstone of community

photo credit: Landscove Village, Devon

Today is Neighbour Day here in Australia.  I first learned of this annual event back in 2009 when I was doing a course in Community Development. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a ridiculous thing to do.  I mean, really, there are surely enough ‘days’ to keep us going for a life time – mother’s day, father’s day, grandparent’s day, secretary’s day, teacher’s day – gazillions of the things.  I hardly know my neighbour, I thought, {Read More}

things, they are a-changing


Dear Reader, I haven’t been at this blogging thing for very long and already a change is afoot.  In the next week or so, I am changing the look of my blog to make it more fresh and bright, to represent the happy, but deep thinking, and of course, marvelously imperfect place I want it to become. Please bear with me whilst I make these changes.  I am somewhat technically challenged and I am certain that will be obvious once {Read More}

a simple wedding card


It’s been a while since I did some crafting.  I hate that – when I don’t get to sit down and do something creative.  But, you know, sometimes, life just gets in the way and you have no alternative than to just go with the flow. However, a couple of weeks ago, Mr C and I were invited to a wedding of a lovely colleague of his which gave me the perfect opportunity to create something, even if it was {Read More}

the hat


“Your usual?” I smile and nod my head.  Steve hands me my stamped coffee card.  I get a free one today.  He hands me my table number as well.  I thank him and walk to my table.  As I walk away I wonder if Steve is his real name.  I am pretty sure it isn’t.  He is Chinese and I have yet to meet a Chinese person called Steve.  Using a westernised name makes it easier for us, his customers, {Read More}

a cup of tea with me

a cup of tea

The door bell rings.  I run to the door to answer it.  She stands there, resplendent in her simple clothing.  The minute I met her, I knew we would be firm friends. “Come in, do come in,” I say. She smiles and steps inside.  I close the door and lead her down the hallway.  Photos of my family adorn the walls, most still with us, some not. “Is this your mom?” she asks. I nod.  “She died three years ago.  {Read More}

to blog or not to blog

I haven’t been on this blogging journey for long.  I started my first blog in January 2010.  I look back on those posts with fondness.  They were honest.  It was a blog started really as a diary.  It had no ulterior motive – no hope that I could one day make a ton of money from it through affiliated advertising.  It was purely and simply a vehicle to voice what was going on in my head.  I didn’t care about {Read More}

birthdays and gratitude

birthday 1

This is what I wrote a couple of days ago on my personal Facebook page: I officially have the best husband EVER!! After waking me with coffee this morning and giving me my lovely birthday presents, he toddled off to work. I am a creature of habit. I go to the same coffee shop for coffee and sometimes breakfast after school drop off every day. As I was ordering my coffee and deciding on a breakfast, my gorgeous husband approached {Read More}


Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have previously mentioned that I am busy doing a blogging course with the lovely Pip Lincolne and Meet me at Mikes.  It is drawing to a close and we have learned so much.  I have learned how to add wordpress to my hosting company, how to install themes, plugins, manipulate widgets, create graphics, take better photos and so much more besides.  It has been a truly wonderful journey that I hope will benefit you, {Read More}

what crafty pursuit ticks your box?

which craft ticks the boxes

What crafty pursuit, if any, makes you tick?  As crafters, I find, we have many crafts that we like to pursue, but in my experience, there is usually one that we are drawn towards more than any of the others.  Upon my crafty travels, I have found people who love to make cards, crochet, make felties, knit, draw, paint, sew and within each of those crafters can favour specialisms, say for example sewing little girls dresses, or crocheting beanies.  Each {Read More}

let’s talk Tuesday {episode 2}


Good morning readers, how are you this fine day? Today I would like to address the rather sticky issue of mammograms. I know, I can hear the sighs through cyberspace, but like it or not, having one is so vitally important to a woman’s health. Caught early enough breast cancer is now more curable than ever before and, gorgeous, you owe it to yourself to take care of your health. What brought on this topic, you might ask. Well, in {Read More}

weekend flashback {love is in the air}


Good morning my friends.  How was your weekend?  Did you get to celebrate Valentine’s day?  Can I let you into a little secret?  I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Love,  and even the idea of celebrating it.  I just don’t like having a specific day for it where roses and chocolate go up a gazillion percent and people, if not in a relationship on that given day,  are left feeling unloved which {Read More}

let’s take stock

I’m a bit of a list girl.  Do you like lists?  I love them.  I have them everywhere.  I particularly like lists that I can tick off.  It helps me to feel that I have accomplished something throughout my day/month/year.  Some lists though aren’t a ticking-off kind of list.  Some lists are the taking-stock kind of list.  List this one, that was developed by the lovely Pip Lincoln on her site at Meet Me At Mikes.  It is aimed at {Read More}

weddings, baldness and silence


“What do you mean you’re not wearing it?” My niece looks at me. “I’m not wearing it Aunt Sarah. I forgot to bring it.” I look down at my dress, my wedding dress, all white, except for the embroidered  blue cookie monster head and his yellow hair on my bodice. “But you are my bridesmaid, Kate, you have to wear it.” She shrugs her shoulders and a frantic panic wells up in the pit of my stomach. There are too {Read More}

let’s talk tuesday {episode 1}

At my wedding (remember it WAS the 90s!).  My hair, normally straight, has a certain bounce in it, but is not nearly as curly as it was.

Whilst I want this blog, and hope you find it, to be fun and creative, I am, as we all are, a multi-faceted person.  I am, in truth, a deep thinker and I need to honour that.  In that spirit, I am starting a series called Let’s Talk Tuesday.  It will cover all sorts of topics, some of which will not necessarily be creative in nature, though in all honesty even the darkest thing can bring out creativity as you {Read More}

lettering art {my new love}

_0010_watercolorballoons 049

This blogging lark is a very interesting beast.  It’s difficult to know in which direction to go.  I’m a creative type and would love to be talented and consistent enough to create something to sell on Etsy as well as through this fledgling site.  Maybe one day.  But for now it will have to be enough to be a personal odyssey. I love wondering onto creative blogs.  Today I discovered a wonderful site called Angie Makes.  She is what I {Read More}

finding my road

These past couple of day’s have be one of growth for me – always growth.  I have been increasingly frustrated at my own ineptitude with the technological challenges that inevitably comes with running a blog.  I started Pip’s blogging course because well, I just wanted to find my niche.  I wanted a pretty blog, but more importantly I wanted a blog that spoke to people.  I wanted to move people, touch people, make a difference.  I need to do that.  Alas, despite {Read More}

kicking vulnerability’s butt is the name of the game!


  So, here’s the thing.  This blog is really about vulnerability.  More than that, it is about acknowledging it, and then staring it square in the face and saying “stuff you Vulnerability, and your friend Shame, you may try to trick me into thinking I’m not good enough, but HA! I’m doing it anyway!”  Vulnerability can haunt us and it can taunt us.  We may have a continuously nagging feeling that we are so much bigger than the life we {Read More}

how to make your own canvast art work

You may have seen my post on how I wanted to do a canvas art work and then nearly didn’t post anything about it because it didn’t meet my expectations (the demon of all creativity).  Well, here is the canvas art work with step by step instructions on how I did it. I gather my supplies – a canvas (40cmx 40cm), some scrapbooking paper (4x 12×12″), modpodge (which is my favourite crafting thing of ALL time) and a brush.  I {Read More}